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Amerika Tour Interest BBQ

The rumors are true! America Tour 2024 is coming.


Pay attention, because July 4, 2023 there will be an interest drink in the API building Inholland Delft. The theme is, how could it be, the 4th of July. So pull out your American outfit, or run to the SoLow.

The committee will present the trip. All ins and outs will be presented, when, where to, which companies, how much does it cost?

After this these is time for questions and cold beer. There will be a BBQ after the presentation which is optional. To sign-up for this visit the Sipke site, there is no sign-up needed for the Interest Drink.


What: Interest Drink, America Tour 2024

Where: API Building, Inholland Delft

When: 4th of July, 2023

Time Presentation: 17.30

Time BBQ: 18.30

Sign-up: Only for the BBQ on the Sipke Site


Registration for the drink is not necessary, come along!


With winged regards,

The America Tour committee & the 56th board of V.S.V. Sipke Wynia