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New Years Drink + pizza

sign up is only if you want pizza. If you don't want pizza, you can just come in without having to sign up. 

lustrum activiteit "ouwe lullen met pullen" borrel

Dear members,

Are you guys also happy that we can have drinks again?
We are as well! We will have a drink in NOVA to celebrate the new year and end of the lockdown. The theme of the drink will be “ouwe lullen met pullen”. The dress code will be “jasje dasje”, so bring your Sipke tie and jacket. The Sipke beer mugs will also be available for sale at NOVA. Make sure you get yourself a mug and test it out at the drink!

Finally, the new Sipke ties are here and will be available at drink for purchase. The first tie will be auctioned off. So, bring some extra cash to purchase one of the new ties!

Location: S.V. NOVA

Date: 3-2-2022

Dresscode: Jacket and Sipke tie

Time: 17:00-22:00

We cherish the positive thought to see you at OUWE LULLEN MET PULLEN.

Winged regards,

11th lustrum committee????????????????
"Breaking the Barrier"

Bier Veiling

Het is tijd voor onze jaarlijkse bierveiling!!!! Op dinsdag 8 februari staan wij paraat met koud pils en een heuse veiling meester. 

pre-wispo borrel
Game night at API
Dies Diner

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Dies Lunch Lecture

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Dies Party


Career Event

Dear student,

Suit fitting

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CANCELLED Foreign Excursion 2022

 sign up here if you are not a sipke member

Lustrum Gala


Beerpong Tournament GNC
Jetsupport excursion

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End party

Sign ups closes at 16:00!! after 16:00 you can still sign up at the door.

Wynia Woensdag

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Screw It

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NLR Excursion

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